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Installing ADF pickup roller and separation pad HP Color LaserJet M575mfp

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Replacing the ADF Pickup Roller Assembly

Open the jam-access cover on top of the ADF, see picture below.

Open the roller-access cover, see picture below.

Lower the ADF pickup roller assembly, see picture below.

Slide the roller assembly toward the front of the printer to remove it.

Install the new roller; notice that the roller assembly is "keyed" so make sure as you install the new assembly that you position the hex-shaped fitting on the shaft towards the rear of the printer.

Replacing the ADF Separation Pad

Open the jam-access cover, see picture below.

Lift the ADF input tray upwards, see picture below.

Push in on the latch shown in picture below (blue arrow), to release the separation pad assembly.

Next, lower the ADF input tray , and then lift the separation pad assembly up.

Remove the separation pad , see picture below.

Often the spring underneath the separation pad comes loose; re-install the separation pad spring as shown in picture below.

Install the new separation pad, and close the cover.

Now, we will reset the Counter for this ADF parts kit.  From the printer's control panel --> Open the Administration menu, choose Manage Supplies, choose Reset Supplies, select New Document Feeder Kit, and choose Reset.

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