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HP LaserJet 2300 Tray 2 pickup roller installation instructions

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Replacing the Tray 2 separation pad.

To replace the Tray 2 separation pad, first press the metal lift plate down until it locks in place.

Next, use a flatblade screwdriver to release the two tabs on the separation pad which secure the pad to the metal plate shown below. Gently work the pad up and away from the metal plate. If it doesn't slide upwards easily, continue pressing the two tabs and slowly work the pad up until it is free.

Reuse the spring on the new separation pad. Place it securely on the bump of the new separation pad.

Line up the spring on the separation pad with the spring pedestal in Tray 2. Slide the separation pad down onto the metal plate in Tray 2. The restraining tabs will click and hold the separation pad in place.