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HP LaserJet 2400 Tray 1 pickup roller , separation pad installation instructions

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Accessing the pickup roller .

Open the toner cartridge door and locate the Tray 1 pickup roller. Spread the pickup-roller locks (black tabs pictured below) and rotate the roller forward to completely free the roller.

Rotate and remove the pickup roller -- don't install the new pickup roller yet.

Before you install the new pickup roller, the separation pad which sits underneath it must be removed and replaced. Use a flatblade screwdriver to pry the blue separation pad up & loose; pry the pad on both sides and in the middle until it snaps loose from its base.

Use the screwdriver to drag the separation pad out & free from its base.

Realign the new separation pad with its blue teeth in the front, pointing down. Use the flathead screwdriver to secure it.

Use a flathead screwdriver to apply pressure to the separation pad, locking it firmly in place.

Now install the new pickup roller onto the metal shaft.