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HP LaserJet 2400 Reset the maintenance count

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Resetting the maintenance count.

On some HP LaserJet printers there is a maintenance count feature, which tracks the number of pages printed since the printer was last serviced.  The LaserJet 2420 and 2430 series printers do not have that feature.  There is an option in the menus to "Reset the maintenance count", but that reset does nothing since there is no counter to be cleared. 

If you need to record the page count at which you installed the maintenance kit you should keep a manual record somewhere. Our experience has been that most 2420 and 2430 series printers need maintenance between 80,000 and 120,000 pages, maybe less if users jab sharp pointy objects in the printer to clear paper jams.

If it makes you feel better, you can follow the procedure below and select New Maintenance Kit from the menus; but it won't do anything.  :-)

"Reset the maintenance count" on an HP LaserJet 2420 or 2430
1. Turn the printer on; as it begins the memory count, press and hold the checkmark button (Select).
2. Continue holding the checkmark button until all the LED service lights are illuminated, and then release the checkmark button.
3. The display will read "SELECT LANGUAGE"; use the UP/DOWN arrows to find the words "NEW MAINTENANCE KIT" and then press the checkmark.