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Replacing the Transfer Belt (ITB, Transfer Kit) HP Color LaserJet M375 M475

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You need to replace the Transfer Belt (also called ITB or Transfer Kit) when the message "REPLACE TRANSFER KIT" displays on the control panel. You may also need to replace the Transfer Belt prior to that message, if you are experiencing print quality issues that aren't resolved by replacing the toner or by performing Calibrations. If you aren't sure what you need to replace, give us a call @ 866-352-7108.

Replacing the Transfer Belt (ITB, Transfer Kit) HP Color LaserJet M375 M475

1. First open the front door, and pull out the drawer which holds the toner cartridges.  Remove your toner cartridges from the printer.

2.  Next you will remove the toner drawer itself.  Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release a retaining tab on the front left side of the printer, tab is circled in picture below.

2.  Begin pulling the drawer away from the printer and rotate the drawer to the right as you remove it, to completely release it from the printer.  See pictures below.


3.  With the front door open, remove 2 screws that secure the color-misregistration sensor assembly. 

4. See picture below -- carefully rotate the color-misregistration assembly out & away from the printer & transfer belt.  (See picture below -- you aren't removing the assembly from the printer, just rotating it out of the way.)

5. Disconnect the plug shown in picture below.

6.  Next you will release the front of the transfer belt assembly from its catches.  Lift up carefully on the front plastic edges of the transfer belt assembly to release it from its catches.  See picture below.

7.  Next you will release the rear side of the transfer belt assembly --  Open the rear door of the printer.  You will probably want to stretch and keep one hand supporting the front side of the belt assembly so it doesn't fall back in place...  at the rear, carefully lift up on the sheet-metal portion of the transfer belt assembly (see callout 1 in picture below) to release it. 

8.  With both sides released, you can pull the transfer belt assembly straight out -- see picture below.

9.  Avoid touching the surface of the new transfer belt.  Install in reverse order, sliding it securely into the machine.

10.  Reattach the color misregistration assembly.

11.  After replacing the Transfer Belt, it's a good idea to perform a Full Calibration (or even several Full Calibrations in a row, if you are having print quality issues).  Full Calibrations help with print quality by aligning the color tones, the drums, and the color plane.  Each Full Calibration takes about 4 minutes.  To perform a Full Calibration: Press MENU to enter the menus. Press Down Arrow to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE. Press Checkmark to select CONFIGURE DEVICE. Press Down Arrow to highlight PRINT QUALITY. Press Checkmark to select PRINT QUALITY. Press Down Arrow to highlight FULL CALIBRATE NOW. Press Checkmark to select FULL CALIBRATE NOW. Wait for the printer to calibrate (usually takes 4 minutes or so), and then print a test page. If print quality still needs improvement, repeat the Calibration. If multiple Calibrations don't help, some of the toner cartridges may need replacement.

12.  If you purchased your transfer belt assembly at the exchange price, don't forget to send back your used transfer belt core to PrinterTechs.  Re-use the same packaging for safe shipping.