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41.3 error on LaserJet 4, 4Plus, 5

If you are seeing the 41.3 error on a LaserJet 4, 4Plus, or 5 series printer, and you find a blank sheet of paper in the path, your printer is probably having a failure with the solenoid on the paper feed assembly. This is becoming a common issue as these printers get older. A solenoid failure causes the feed timing to be thrown off, and a sheet of paper will be fed too early and trigger the "41.3 error Mismatched paper size".  We carry replacement paper feed assemblies to solve this issue.

Replacing the paper feed assembly is considered a medium-level repair. If you are interested in repairing it yourself give us a call 866-352-7108 to order the paper feed assembly, and we can send some install instructions with your purchase.

If you prefer to replace the printer rather than fixing it, we also carry refurbished printers. Click here to view our inventory of refurbished printers.