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"Processing Job" message hangs , or very slow printing on HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515

If you are seeing this "Processing Job" message on your HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515 but the job never prints out, you probably have a failing fuser. There is a flaw in these printer models: when the fuser temperature starts fluctuating too much the printer won't always register a fuser error, it sometimes runs continuously "Processing Job" but never prints the job.  Fusers are a consumable part and are sold as part of a maintenance kit; it is expected over the life of the printer you will replace the fuser several times. HP estimates average fuser life to last between 200,000 to 250,000 pages; but a fuser can fail much earlier depending on printing conditions, heavy paper jams, and the quality of the fuser installed.

Processing Job messages takes forever on HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515

For a temporary fix, you can try powering the printer off and back on, sometimes that will allow the fuser to reset itself and print the job. If this "Processing Job" error continues or shows up often, it's time to replace your fuser.

Fortunately on this model the fuser is very easy to change. Check out our instructions below, and purchasing options for replacing the fuser.

Click here to see the maintenance kit purchasing options
Click here to see fuser installation instructions