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RFU Load Error Resend RFU message on HP LaserJet 4240 4250 4350

An RFU file is a Remote Firmware Update file.  If you see error messages like this -- "RFU Load Error" or "Resend RFU" -- it means there is something wrong with the firmware, and usually refers to the fact that a firmware update was not successful. 

As a side note, in general we don't see much value in firmware updates and we recommend end users do not perform firmware updates unless absolutely necessary.  It's rare that firmware updates actually solve problems,  and during the update, the file transfer can actually fail which leaves you with error messages like this. So we  recommend you avoid firmware updates unless an experienced printer tech advises you that it is absolutely necessary.

Possible solutions:

1. Try sending another firmware update

Again, we're not big advocates for sending firmware updates, but sometimes resending a fresh firmware update will clear these messages.  If you're going to attempt a firmware upgrade, you should be experienced with computers and familiar with entering commands via a command-line DOS prompt.  If you're not familiar with this process, you may want to skip to the next step, which is simply replacing the formatter assembly (see below).  To upgrade the firmware, first download a firmware file and the ReadMe help file from HP's Web site.  Depending on the printer, there are 2 or 3 ports available to send a firmware upgrade, so choose from parallel port, USB port, or network port/FTP.   If the update fails, resending the firmware update through a different port may help; sometimes it doesn't help at all. 

2. Replace the formatter

The simplest step would be to replace the formatter assembly itself, which is the main logic board in these HP LaserJet printers.  Fortunately, replacing the formatter is very easy to do on these models. Click below for ordering information and installation instructions.

Click here to order a LaserJet 4240N , 4250N, or 4350N series formatter.


3. A band-aid fix: To set the printer to "Ignore RFU messages" , use the following steps.

(Note -- this process is not recommended but may clear your errors, it will simply attempt to hide any RFU messages from showing up on the screen.)

1. Turn the printer off and back on.
2. As soon as the memory count begins, hold down the Stop button until all three control panel lights flash once and then remain lit.
3. Press the Checkmark button, then press the Menu button.
4. Press the Down arrow repeatedly until you see “Clear All RFU Errors”.
5. Press the Checkmark button twice until the letter C is highlighted.
6. Press the Down arrow until you see “Set Run mode to Manual”.
7. Press the Checkmark button once so that the letter R is highlighted.
8. Press the Down arrow until you see “Set RFU Error Off”.
9. Press the Checkarm button twice until the letter S is highlighted.
10. Next, turn the printer off and back on.
11. Wait for the printer comes to Ready mode.
12. At this point you can resume normal printing, or if you're ambitious you can try resending the firmware update.