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Two black marks on the back of the page HP LaserJet P3015

If you are consistently seeing 2 small marks on the backside of printouts from your HP LaserJet P3015 series printer, you probably need to replace your registration assembly.  There is a section of the plastic guide plate that tends to wear out over time.  That worn-out plastic guide plate catches the leading of the paper, and causes the feed rollers to leave 2 small marks on the dragging page.

The original design of this assembly from HP had different-angled plastic and does not hold up very well; we carry the newly-designed registration assembly which has an improved angle for the plastic guide.

Replacing the registration assembly is not considered difficult, see below for instructions.

You can purchase the registration assembly from our online store here:
Purchase the HP LaserJet P3015 registration roller assembly

You can download our installation instructions here:
How to Replace the HP LaserJet P3015 registration roller assembly (PDF file, 1.2MB)