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Laser printer print defects - Faulty registration

Problem Possible CauseSolution
Faulty registration Paper guide on the paper tray is incorrectly adjusted. If the guide is pushing too tightly against the paper, it may be delayed in being pulled into the printer. If the guide is too loose, it may cause image skewing. Make sure that the paper guide is adjusted for the correct paper size and is locked into position.
Faulty registration
Paper is being picked up skewed; worn pickup , feed, or registration rollers.
Inspect all paper path rollers, looking for wear, cracks, or glazing. Replace worn rollers.
Faulty registration Paper tray is overloaded. If the tray is overloaded, the Pickup Rollers may not pick correctly. Reload proper amount of paper squarely in the tray. Review paper loading with the customer.
Faulty registration