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HP LaserJet Error Messages A - E

Message on printer displayWhat it meansWhat to do
ACCESS DENIED MENUS LOCKED The control panel function you are trying to use has been locked by the network administrator to prevent unauthorized access. 1. Ask the network administrator to unlock the function. 2. Perform a cold reset. This will reset the printer to factory defaults. If a JetDirect network card is installed it will also reset the IP address and other settings so you might want to remove the JetDirect before performing the cold reset.
BAD DUPLEXER CONNECTION The duplexer is not correctly installed.

1. Some printers need a right-angle power cord for a duplexer to be installed correctly.   Make sure right-angle cord is installed, if needed. 2. Turn the printer off. 3. Remove and reinstall the duplexer. 4. Turn the printer off and back on. 5. If the message persists, make sure the duplexer is connected and the connector is not damaged. 6. Replace the duplexer.

CHECK INPUT DEVICE alternates with PAPER PATH OPEN PLEASE CLOSE IT The optional input tray cannot feed print media to the printer because a door or paper guide is open 1. Check the doors and paper guides and close any that are open. 2. If doors and trays are closed, check tabs and sensor levers in the tray for proper operation. Replace any defective tabs or sensors. 3. Replace the PCA controller in the feeder. For 5si, 8000, 8100 series make sure C-link cable is correctly hooked up. Also on the 5si check the paper accessory PCA.
CHECK OUTPUT DEVICE alternates with CLOSE OUTPUT DELIVERY PATH The optional output device is not properly connected to the printer. 1. Ensure the optional output device is fully seated and properly installed. 2. Check any doors on the output device and verify they are closed.  For 5si, 8000, 8100 series make sure C-link cable is correctly hooked up.
DISK DEVICE FAILURE The EIO disk had a critical failure or fatal error. 1. Reseat the EIO disk. 2. Remove the EIO disk and replace it with a new one. 3. A bad formatter assembly could also cause this error, replace if needed.
DISK FILE OPERATION FAILED Requested operation could not be performed (for example, attempting to download a file to a nonexistent directory). 1. Check the file name and the directory name. 2. Reseat the EIO disk. 3. Retry the operation.
DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED The EIO disk is protected, and no new files can be written to it. Disable the write protection through HP Resource Manager.
EIO DISK [x] NOT FUNCTIONAL EIO disk is not working correctly 1. Reseat the EIO disk in slot [X]. 2. Remove and replace the EIO disk in slot [X].
ENV FEEDER LOAD [TYPE] [SIZE] A job has been sent to the envelope feeder and the feeder is empty, the wrong size is loaded in the feeder, or the type and size are set incorrectly on the control panel. 1. Load the requested envelope type and size into the envelope feeder. 2. Make sure the envelope size and type are set correctly from the paper-handling menu in the printer control panel. 3. Press GO if the desired envelope is already loaded in the feeder. 4. Press -VALUE+ to scroll through other available types and sizes. 5. Press SELECT to accept the alternate type or size.
ENVELOPE FEEDER SIZE = [xxxxx] The printer is asking what size envelopes have been loaded in the envelope feeder. In response, you can take either of the following actions: 1. Press SELECT to accept the current envelope size. 2. Press -VALUE+ to change the size and then press SELECT to accept the new size. If you do not press any buttons, the message disappears in about one minute. Note Changing the size here changes the default for the envelopefeeder size in the paper-handling menu.
ENVELOPE FEEDER TYPE = [xxxxx] The printer has received a job under the following conditions: The envelope type the job requested is not available in the printer. Envelopes have been placed in the envelope feeder (thus triggering the paper sensor). You can take either of the following actions: 1. Press SELECT to accept the paper type and then press GO. 2. Press +VALUE- to change the type, press SELECT to accept the new type, and then press GO to continue.