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HP LaserJet Error Messages N - R

Message on printer display What it meansWhat to do
OFFLINE The printer is offline Press GO or READY or ONLINE to place the printer online.
OUTPUT BIN FULL alternates with CLEAR PAPER FROM [BINNAME] The output bin is full and needs to be emptied.

Remove the sheets from the output bin.  Also, the output sensor could be out of alignment, or the photosensor for the output bin could be bad.

PAPER WRAPPED AROUND FUSER Print media is wrapped around the fuser. 1. Turn the printer off to keep the media from wrapping more firmly around the fuser. 2. Open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge. 3. Remove all the visible media. 4. Leave the printer turned off and remove the fuser to remove any remaining print media.
PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE To ensure optimum print quality, the printer prompts the customer to have routine maintenance installed Install the printer maintenance kit. You must reset the maintenance page count after performing printer maintenance. Note The printer maintenance kit is a consumable item and is not covered under warranty
PROCESSING CLEANING PAGE The printer is conducting the manual cleaning-page process. Wait for the job to finish. This can take up to 2.5 minutes.
PROCESSING JOB The printer is processing a job Wait for the job to finish. This can take several minutes for a complex print job. If the printer "hangs up" on processing a job then it could be a bad formatter board.
RAM DISK DEVICE FAILURE The RAM disk had a critical or fatal failure. 1. Reseat the RAM disk. 2. Replace the RAM disk.
RAM DISK FILE OPERATION FAILED The requested operation could not be performed (for example, attempting to download a file to a nonexistent directory). 1. Check the filename and directory name. 2. Reseat the RAM disk. 3. Retry the operation.
RAM DISK FILE SYSTEM IS FULL The RAM disk file system is full. 1. Delete unnecessary files and then try again, or turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on to delete all files on the device. (Delete files using HP Resource Manager or another software utility. See the software online help for more information.) 2. If the message persists, increase the size of the RAM disk. Change the RAM disk size from the configuration menu on the printer control panel. HP Resource Manager can also be used to increase or decrease the RAM disk size.