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HP LaserJet 4200 maintenance kit with Long Life metal-sleeved fuser Q2429A RM1-0013

HP LaserJet 4200 maintenance kit with Long Life metal-sleeved fuser Q2429A RM1-0013

PrinterTechs metal-sleeved HP Laserjet 4200 fusers are a tremendous improvement over the original HP plastic sleeve design. Our fusers virtually eliminate the tearing problem inherent in these fusers -- see image below. With our metal sleeved fuser and metal swing plate gear, the LaserJet 4200 becomes an extremely reliable workhorse printer. Fusers are available on exchange, see exchange terms in the yellow box below.

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Product Name Price Qty
Maintenance Kit - exchange. PrinterTechs compatible fuser - metal sleeve, for Laserjet 4200.
Maintenance Kit - no exchange. PrinterTechs compatible fuser - metal sleeve, for Laserjet 4200.
Maintenance Kit - no exchange. HP new fuser - metal sleeve, for Laserjet 4200.

HP laserjet 4200 maintenance kit Q2429A

  • HP laserjet 4200 maintenance kit Q2429A

Product Description

HP Laserjet 4200 maintenance kit with PrinterTechs long-life fuser

The absolute best HP 4200 fuser you can buy!!

Why would you keep replacing your HP 4200 fuser with one that uses a plastic sleeve prone to tearing? Yes, you can find 4200 fusers for $60 - $70 but how long will they last? Will the sleeve tear in 6 months, 9 months? You don't know. Then you'll have to buy another one, and another, and another.

Buy a PrinterTechs(TM) 4200 fuser upgraded with the newer metal sleeve technology and save yourself future grief.

For those who don't know, the LaserJet 4200 fuser is notorious for shredding its sleeve (fixing film). New and remanufactured HP 4200 fusers contain a plastic sleeve prone to the tearing and shredding. Most of the printer industry has resigned to accepting the higher failure rate (hey, they sell more fusers if they fail more often!). This was not acceptable to us so 10 years ago we set out to find a solution to the problem. We tested many different fixing films, pressure rollers, flanges, high-temperature greases, solid film lubricants, heating element coatings, and other parts, but we didn't stop we had the right combination of parts to make this an extremely reliable and thoroughly field tested fuser. We don't know of any company with more experience using metal sleeves in a 4200 fuser. Our current long-life metal fixing film is far more robust than the plastic fixing film HP uses and eliminates the grey scale ghosting found in new HP 4200 fusers. These fusers are 100% compatible with all LaserJet 4200 printers.

Our current version of this fuser uses our long-life fuser sleeve and grease that we have tested to over 500,000 pages! Try that with a cheap fuser!

torn ripped HP Laserjet 4200 sleeve (fixing film)

Instructions HP Laserjet 4200 instructions for replacing the fuser and maintenance kit

Exchange program

Purchasing a fuser on exchange is a simple way to save money and prevent electronic waste from ending up in a landfill. We send you a fuser and you send back your old fuser in the same box. Easy!

  • By purchasing a fuser or maintenance kit on exchange you are agreeing to send back your used fuser (core) within 30 days of purchase.
  • We will periodically email core return reminders at the email address given with the order. If the fuser core is not received within 30 days a core charge will be issued to your credit card.
  • Send the fuser core back in the original packaging along with the included return authorization sheet. Return shipping charges will be your responsibility.
  • International customers: Because of high shipping costs, we recommend you purchase fusers without a core exchange. If you do purchase fusers on exchange, understand your return responsibility will also include paying for any import fees, brokerage fees, or tariffs when sending your core back.

Additional Information

For use in the following printers: HP Laserjet 4200, HP Laserjet 4200N, HP Laserjet 4200DN, HP Laserjet 4200DTN, HP Laserjet 4200TN, HP Laserjet 4200DTNS, HP Laserjet 4200dtnsl
Alternate part numbers maintenance kit part numbers: Q2429A, Q2429-67905, Q2429-67904, Q2429-67903, Q2429-69005, Q2429-67902, Q2426-69001, Q2429-69004
fuser part numbers: RM1-0013, RM1-0013-230, RM1-0013-140, RM1-0013-000
Core charge (for unreturned cores, exchange purchases only) $60
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