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World's Best HP LaserJet 4250N Refurbished Q5401A

World's Best HP LaserJet 4250N Refurbished Q5401A

We’ve taken a great printer and made it even better. With our upgrades this is one of the fastest, most reliable heavy duty black and white printers ever made. Here's what we've done to improve this already great printer: Printertechs exclusive metal swing plate gear assembly,  PrinterTechs exclusive Long Life Fuser, Faster print speed, 55ppm, Memory upgraded from the standard 64MB to 320MB.

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Hi folks! Many companies sell so-called "refurbished" printers but all they do is blow the dust off and replace a few feed rollers.

Not here! Check out our comprehensive refurbishing process and technical innovations.

HP LaserJet 4250N Q5401A Refurbished

  • HP LaserJet 4250N Q5401A Refurbished
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A
  • HP LaserJet 4250N refurbished Q5401A

Product Description

PrinterTechs™ Upgrades

  • Printertechs exclusive metal swing plate gear assembly. We've fixed the Achilles heel in the 4250 series printers by custom manufacturing a solid brass swing plate gear with an embedded bearing. If you aren’t familiar with this problem you can search for our white papers online (google metal swing plate gear for HP Laserjets) that describe why this gear assembly wears out and our permanent fix it. Basically the plastic gear that HP designed wears out too fast, sometimes in as little as 200,000 pages, and our improved gear assembly lasts for millions of pages .
  • PrinterTechs exclusive Long Life Fuser: The fuser is the assembly that bonds toner to the paper. Normally a new genuine HP fuser lasts around 225,000 pages. Many companies don’t even rebuild the fusers in their “refurbished” printers. They just test a used fuser to see if it works. We rebuild our fusers with improved components that allow us to achieve over 500,000 pages printed. That’s more than double a new genuine HP fuser’s life expectancy!
  • Faster print speed, 55ppm! A laserjet 4250N (45ppm) and 4350N (55ppm) are identical printers except for their firmware.  The laserjet 4250N is firmware limited to 45 pages per minute; the 4350N has the full print speed of 55 pages per minute. We have a process to upgrade the 4250N firmware to 4350N, which means you now have a printer that prints 55 pages per minute! You now have the more expensive and faster Laserjet 4350N, the only difference is the 4250 name plate on the front of the printer. 
  • Memory upgraded from the standard 64MB to 320MB


Standard rebuild steps – In addition to the above upgrades, all printers are torn down to the frame and rebuilt in a process that includes:

  • We replace the feed rollers, pick rollers, and separation pads. We don’t use cheap low quality parts. Only the best parts which we have tested.
  • ALL solenoids for Trays 1 and 2 are inspected and repaired.  This extra step it critical. As the dampening material on the solenoids wears away the adhesive backing eventually causes the solenoids to stick which results in paper jams.
  • We use the best transfer rollers available, and this isn’t always a genuine HP part! Yes, we can tell the difference between good and bad transfer rollers. Out tests have shown that many of the OEM (genuine HP) transfer rollers print too light. This is a recent problem with the OEM manufacturer, but don’t worry, we have an excellent aftermarket transfer roller that doesn’t have this problem.
  • Laser scanner mirrors are cleaned to prevent light print caused by dirty scanner mirrors & lenses.
  • Plastic exterior panels that have discolored are painted with a special paint designed for plastics. This ensures the printer looks like new.
  • Inner assemblies like the cassette pickup assembly, paper feed assembly, registration assembly, and output assembly are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated

Just one reason why our printers outlast the competition!

Metal gear swing plate assemblyThe swing plate assembly has been the Achilles’ heel of the 4250 series printers. The plastic gear just isn't durable enough. But PrinterTechs has solved the problem! We install our custom brass swing plate gear and bearing assembly into every one of our LaserJet 4250 series printers. HP's plastic gear design is flawed and prone to wear. We’ve seen the plastic gears worn to the point of failure in as little as 110,000 pages. That’s half of one maintenance cycle -- not good!
With our metal gear assembly, the 4250N turns into a durable workhorse. We build the best printers in the industry, and innovations like this demonstrate our industry knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

Read more about the swing plate problem and PrinterTechs' metal gear solution here.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HP
What's not included: Please Note: most of our customers do not require toner cartridges, cables, manuals, or drivers. Therefore our printers are priced and packaged without these items. If you need toner cartridges or cables please add them to your shopping cart. Users manuals and drivers may be downloaded at www.hp.com. A power cord is included.
Manufacturers model no HP LaserJet 4250N (PrinterTechs upgrade)
Manufacturers part no. Q5401A
PrinterTechs part no. LJ4250N-WB
Black & White or Color Black and White
Printer Class Medium to heavy duty, workgroup printer
Printer Resolution 1200
Speed 55 ppm (upgraded from 45ppm)
Paper Trays 100-sheet manual feed tray
500-sheet cassette tray
Memory 320MB
Duplexer (2-sided printing) No Duplexer
Built-in Networking Yes
Wireless Networking No
11x17 Capable Printer No 11x17
EIO / MIO slots 2 EIO slots
Dimensions 16.5" x 17.8" x 14.4"
Toner Part No. Q5429X (toner sold separately, not included with purchase)
Printer Warranty www.printertechs.com/policies
Optional Accessories (not included) 500-sheet optional cassette, duplexer for double-sided printing, envelope feeder
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