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HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 5 main gear assembly - exchange

HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 5 main gear assembly - exchange

Main gear drive assembly (refurbished) for HP Laserjet 4 Plus or 5.

This assembly is sold on exchange, see exchange terms in details below

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HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 5 main gear assembly

Product Description

Main gear drive assembly (refurbished) for HP Laserjet 4-Plus and 5. If you notice teeth are missing from the drive gear in your printer which couples with the fuser gear, you need this part. Missing teeth on this main gear drive will cause the fuser to stop rotating continuously and paper will jam as it enters the fuser.

NOTE: This assembly will not work in the Laserjet 4 or 4M. See alternate assembly for that model.

Installation instructions are available here

Exchange program

This part is sold on exchange. We send you a part and you send back your old part in the same box. Easy!  Purchasing a part on exchange saves money and prevents salvageable parts from ending up in a landfill.

  • By purchasing a part on exchange you are agreeing to send back your used part (core) within 30 days of purchase.
  • We will periodically email core return reminders at the email address given with the order. If the core is not received within 30 days a core charge will be issued to your credit card.
  • Please send the core back in the original packaging along with the included return authorization sheet. Return shipping charges will be your responsibility.
  • International customers: Because of high shipping costs, we recommend you purchase fusers without a core exchange. If you do purchase fusers on exchange, understand your return responsibility will also include paying for any import fees, brokerage fees, or tariffs when sending your core back.

Additional Information

For use in the following printers: HP Laserjet 5, HP Laserjet 5M, HP Laserjet 5N
HP Laserjet 4-Plus, HP Laserjet 4M-Plus
Alternate part numbers RG5-0876, RG5-0876-050CN
Also used in these models