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Lexmark T644TN refurbished laser printer ! Mint condition 20G0460

Lexmark T644TN refurbished laser printer ! Mint condition 20G0460

This PrinterTechs refurbished Lexmark T644TN workgroup printer is in immaculate condition. Includes a network card, two 500-sheet paper trays. Prints up to 50 pages per minute. This printer has been professionally refurbished and thoroughly cleaned by our experienced USA technicians. See our refurbishing process in the details below.

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Hi folks! Many companies sell so-called "refurbished" printers but all they do is blow the dust off and replace a few feed rollers.

Not here! Check out our comprehensive refurbishing process and technical innovations.

Lexmark T644TN refurbished laser printer ! Mint condition 20G0460

  • Lexmark T644TN refurbished laser printer ! Mint condition 20G0460

Product Description

This PrinterTechs refurbished Lexmark T644TN 20G0460 workgroup laser printer is in mint condition! This printer has been professionally refurbished by our experienced USA technicians.

The Lexmark T644N printer is very speedy (prints up to 50 pages per minute). It has a USB port, parallel port, and Ethernet port for network connectivity. Includes 2 cassette paper trays which hold 500 sheets each.

What makes our PrinterTechs printers different?

Many companies sell what they claim are “refurbished” printers. Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for printer refurbishing.
To some companies refurbished means “it works”, to others it means blowing the dust off and replacing a few rollers, but not to us. PrinterTechs is known for our Midwestern work ethic and best-in-the-industry quality. We take great pride and care in our refurbishing process. For more information on our company you can Google our name PrinterTechs to read reviews, and visit our Web site to check out our technical articles and innovations. The bottom line is, when a knowledgeable technician spends more time thoroughly rebuilding a printer, replaces more parts, and uses a higher grade of parts, it may cost more for that printer ... But the end result is an awesome printer that won't give you the nagging feeling that you just bought a lemon!

One of the most important repairs we do for these Lexmark T644TN printers is replacing the fuser pressure roller. Fuser pressure rollers on the T644TN printer are notorious for developing flat spots over time, and the printer will make a consistent thumping noise as it operates. Many companies would ignore the noise and skip replacing this roller in their "refurbishing" process. Our technicians do replace pressure rollers with high-quality rollers to ensure the printer will work quietly. This is an age issue more than a page count issue; we've seen some very low page count T644TN printers that have already developed a flat spot.

Another important problem that most competitors overlook: most T644TN models have quite a bit of toner hiding in a cavity beneath the toner cartridge. Most toner cartridges leak a little, some a lot. The leaking toner falls down onto the high voltage power supply which is not easily accessible unless the printer is actually disassembled. Cleaning the cavity and HV power supply is important because if that toner isn't cleaned out, it could cause problems with the power supply and it will leak out all over the inside of the printer during shipping . Lexmark toners, even genuine, tend to leak more than other manufacturers toners. We take the extra time to actually disassemble the printer and access these areas so you can avoid opening up your printer and finding a mess.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Lexmark
What's not included: Please Note: most of our customers do not require cables, manuals, or drivers. Therefore our printers are priced and packaged without these items. If you need full toner cartridges or cables please add them to your shopping cart. Users manuals and drivers may be downloaded at www.lexmark.com. A power cord is included.
Manufacturers model no T644TN
Manufacturers part no. 20G0460
PrinterTechs part no. No
Black & White or Color Black and White
Printer Class Medium to heavy duty, workgroup printer
Printer Resolution 600
Speed 50 ppm
Paper Trays (2) 500-sheet paper cassettes, 100-sheet bypass tray
Memory No
Duplexer (2-sided printing) No Duplexer
Built-in Networking Yes
Wireless Networking No
11x17 Capable Printer No 11x17
EIO / MIO slots No
Dimensions No
Toner Part No. No
Printer Warranty www.printertechs.com/policies
Optional Accessories (not included) No
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