608-831-2396 or 866-352-7108

Fuser core recycling and repurchase program

We purchase HP LaserJet fuser cores.

  • We are extremely busy, please do not call us about fuser cores. Email only. Our email address is listed on our Contact Us page.
  • We only purchase a limited variety of cores, see current list below.
  • If you have cores not listed below, we can recycle them, but we do not pay for cores sent to us for recycling.
  • Please do not send us cores without an authorization number.
  • If you have a variety of cores, email a list of the type of fusers and quantities.
  • Thank you!

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We are not currently purchasing fuser cores, only recycling them. You can send fuser cores to us at:

Attn: Core Recycling
8447 Murphy Dr
Middleton, WI 53562