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HP Color LaserJet CP4005 cassette feed roller, separation roller, pickup roller installation instructions

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Installing the cassette separation roller.

Slide the paper tray out. As you try to remove the tray, it will "catch" ; once it stops, lift up on the tray, pull slightly forward and then lower the tray to free it from the "catch." Remove the tray completely from the machine.

On the paper tray, open the black plastic hinged cover which "shields" access to the separation roller.

Remove & replace the separation roller: pinch the roller's small blue tab, and slide the roller off the shaft to its left.

Install the new separation roller; slide it onto the shaft, make sure it clicks into place by orienting it so that the roller lines up with the tabs on the black plastic device (torque delimiter) sitting on the shaft to the right.

Installing the cassette pickup and feed rollers.

Inside the printer, at the top of the printer tray cavity, there are 2 more rollers, a white/grey pickup roller and a blue/grey feed roller. Release each roller by pinching the small retaining tab on the roller and sliding each roller free from the shaft. See picture below.

Slide the new rollers onto their shafts until they lock in place.