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Replacing the Formatter HP LaserJet P3005 P3005D P3005N P3005DN P3005X

The formatter board on the P3005 series printer is becoming notorious for repeated failures. Signs that the formatter board needs to be replaced include: random '49' errors,  intermittent loss of the network connection or USB connection, and "freezing" in the middle of the boot up process.  Fortunately, replacing this formatter board is not difficult, see instructions below. Call us with any questions at 866-352-7108.

Note there are 2 versions of the formatter board:

formatter board Q7848-61006
for network model printers
(LaserJet P3005N, P3005DN, P3005X)
formatter Q7847-61006
for non-network model printers
(LaserJet P3005, P3005D)

How To Replace the Formatter Board Assembly HP LaserJet P3005 P3005D P3005N P3005DN P3005X

1.  Slide the right-side cover toward the back of the device to disengage it from the other covers.  Lift the right side cover away from the printer.

2.  Open the metal formatter door, and then lift the door up and free from its hinges at the back (hinges circled as #1 in picture below).

3.  Disconnect three cables (circled as #2 in picture below) and remove six screws (circled as #3 in picture below.)

4.  See picture below -- remove the formatter by pulling the left side of the formatter slightly outward to angle around the fan cover, then slide the entire formatter toward the front of the printer.

5.  Reinstall the new formatter in reverse order of these steps. 

6.  If your old formatter has a memory module installed in one of the memory slots, remove the memory and transfer the memory module to the new board.  Transferring the memory to the new board is especially important for network model formatters; as they need extra memory for the network port to be recognized.

7.  Remember to send your old formatter back to PrinterTechs if you purchased this part with a core exchange. Re-use the original packaging for safe shipping.