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Replacing the Formatter HP LaserJet M3027 M3035 mfp


If the formatter board on your M3035 and M3027 mfp model printer fails you can lose much functionality, as it is the main logic board for the printer. Signs that you need to replace this formatter board can include: blank/unresponsive control panel, repeated network connection loss, hanging on print jobs, failure to boot to Ready, '49' errors or 'RFU Disk Load' errors.  Call us with any questions at 866-352-7108. 

Fortunately, replacing the formatter is not considered a difficult procedure.  Scroll down to view installation instructions for this formatter.

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HP LaserJet M3035 and M3027 mfp series formatter assembly


How To Replace the Formatter Board Assembly HP LaserJet M3035 M3027 mfp series printers

1. Remove the right side cover by sliding it towards the back of the printer, see picture below.

2. Swing open the metal formatter shield (see picture below), then lift it up off its hinges to remove it. 

3. Next we will remove the disk drive; it's not absolutely necessary but it gives you more room to remove/install the formatter.  Start by unplugging two cables that run to the disk drive (see callout 1 in picture below), and remove one screw. (see callout 2 in picture below)


4. Next lift the disk drive up slightly, so its retaining tabs slide up & free from the tab slots, and remove the disk drive away from the printer (see callout 3 in picture below)

5. First, disconnect three cables circled as callout 1 in picture below near the top of the formatter.  Next, disconnect 4 cables from the left side of the formatter, see callout 2 in picture below. Finally, remove six screws, circled as callout 3 in picture below.

6.  Lift the formatter up just slightly, to clear a retaining tab at the bottom.  Then rotate the left edge of the formatter (near the front of the printer) away from the printer, and slide the formatter toward the front of the printer to remove it. 


7.  Install the new formatter board, replace screws, replug cables, reinstall left side cover.

That's it for installing the new formatter!  Remember to send your old formatter back to us if you purchased your formatter on exchange. Ship it back in the box we sent if you still have it.