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Replacing the Transfer Belt (ETB, Transfer Kit) HP Color LaserJet 3000 3600 3800 CP3505

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You need to replace the Transfer Belt (also called ETB or Transfer Kit) when the message "REPLACE TRANSFER KIT" displays on the control panel. You may also need to replace the Transfer Belt prior to that message, if you are experiencing print quality issues that aren't resolved by replacing the toner or by performing Calibrations. If you aren't sure what you need to replace, give us a call @ 866-352-7108.

Replacing the Transfer Belt (ETB, Transfer Kit) HP Color LaserJet 3000 3600 3800 CP3505

1. Open the front cover.

2.  The transfer belt assembly folds down with the door.  Near the bottom of the transfer belt assembly you will find two blue latch buttons, push those in to unlock the assembly, and while pushing those latches lift the unit up and away from the printer.

4.  Install the new transfer belt assembly in reverse order, aligning and inserting the connection points until they lock in place.

5.  After replacing the Transfer Belt, it's a good idea to perform a Full Calibration (or even several Full Calibrations in a row, if you are having print quality issues).  Full Calibrations help with print quality by aligning the color tones, the drums, and the color plane.  Each Full Calibration takes about 4 minutes; if it takes much longer than that you may have a faulty toner cartridge delaying the calibrations.  To perform a Full Calibration: Press MENU to enter the menus. Press Down Arrow to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE. Press Checkmark to select CONFIGURE DEVICE. Press Down Arrow to highlight PRINT QUALITY. Press Checkmark to select PRINT QUALITY. Press Down Arrow to highlight FULL CALIBRATE NOW. Press Checkmark to select FULL CALIBRATE NOW. Wait for the printer to calibrate (usually takes 4 minutes or so), and then print a test page. If print quality still needs improvement, repeat the Calibration. If multiple Calibrations don't help, some of the toner cartridges may be faulty and need replacement.

5. If you purchased this part with a core exchange, don't forget to send your used transfer belt assembly back to PrinterTechs. Re-use the original packaging for safe shipping.