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Clearing the Maintenance Count and Service Message: HP LaserJets


If the display panel on your HP LaserJet reads "Perform Printer Maintenance", "Perform User Maintenance", "Maintenance Kit Low", "Maintenance Kit Very Low", or anything along those lines it means your printer needs a preventative maintenance kit, which includes a fuser and various rollers. Once you have installed the maintenance kit the message will only go away if you clear the maintenance count.

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The printer tracks how many pages have been printed since the last maintenance kit was installed.  There is a set interval for most LaserJet models, and these messages will pop up to remind you to change the kit.  For example the LaserJet 4000 has a 200,000 page maintenance interval. Once you reach 200,000 pages the error message appears and you need to install a kit, and then reset the maintenance count to zero to make the message go away.

Below are reset instructions for many of the popular LaserJet models.

Reset the maintenance count an HP LaserJet 5si
After you install the maintenance kit, you can clear the PERFORM USER MAINTENANCE message by going to the printers control panel Configuration Menu and setting the SERVICE MESSAGE = to OFF. Note: this message will only appear in the Configuration Menu if the PERFORM USER MAINTENANCE message appears.

Reset the maintenance count on an HP LaserJet 8000, 8100, and 8150
The Service Manual indicates you need go into the Configuration Menu and set the SERVICE MESSAGE = to OFF to clear the PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE message. We have found that this does not always work (probably due to different formatter revisions). We recommend the following procedure to manually set the maintenance count to zero.

After installing a maintenance kit, reset the maintenance count to zero by:
1. Enter service mode as described on our Entering Service Mode : HP LaserJets page.
2. Go to the MAINTCOUNT screen and press + or - to scroll the number to zero (all zeros).
3. Press the Select button to enter the settings into the printers memory (an asterisk will appear next to the zeros).
4. Exit service mode by pressing the GO button.

NOTE: Do not change the MAINTENANCE INTERVAL value, which is another option in service mode. This value is the interval at which a maintenance kit should be installed (350,000 pages on LaserJet 8000, 8100, or 8150 series).

Reset the maintenance count on an HP LaserJet 4000, 4050, 4100, 5000
"The Short Cut Method"
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Hold down the Item key (minus side of the button) and Value key (minus side).
3. Turn the printer on.
4. Wait for RESET MAINTENANCE COUNT to be displayed and then release both keys.

NOTE: Some versions of the 4000, 4050, 4100, and 5000 will NOT have their maintenance count reset by following the preceding "short cut" method. This is due to the many different formatter board revisions. If the short cut method doesn't reset the maintenance count then you will need to go into service mode to manually reset the maintenance count.

Reset the maintenance count on an HP LaserJet 4100MFP, 4101MFP, 4200, 4300, 4250, 4350, 9000

1. Turn the product off.
2. Turn the product on.
3. Press and hold down the checkmark (Select) button while the memory is counting. The memory starts counting at 000MB immediately after you turn the power on.
4. Continue to hold down the checkmark (Select) button until all three LEDs are illuminated.
5. Release the checkmark (Select) button.
6. Press the up arrow (Navigation) button until the message New Maintenance Kit appears on the control panel display.
7. Press the checkmark button once.

(Note: on LaserJets 4200, 4300, 9000 you can hold down the checkmark button as you turn the power on, then wait for the three LEDs to illuminate. On the LaserJets 4250, 4350 series you need to wait until you turn the power on and the memory starts counting before you hold the checkmark button.)

A message New Maintenance will appear in the control panel display and the printer will reset.

Note: HP LaserJets 4V, 4, 4 plus, and 5 do not have a maintenance count to be reset.