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HP JetDirect Reference Guide


An HP JetDirect card is an optional printer accessory that allows a printer to be accessed through a network, rather than via a direct connection.

This guide will show you the various card models available, and describe how to choose the right one for your printer.



Which JetDirect card do I need?

JetDirect cards are distinguished by:  card type (older MIO cards vs. newer EIO cards), and by network transmission speed (slower 10BaseT vs. faster 10/100BaseT).

Some older printers use MIO slots for accessories, and newer-style printers use EIO slots. The MIO slots are larger slots, approx. 6" tall.  The EIO slots are smaller , approx. 3.5" tall.

Transmission speed is generally not a critical factor for JetDirect cards; card speed is usually only important for those rare users who print a large quantity of memory-intensive documents.

There are many models of JetDirect cards; sometimes the models are simple revisions of each other with no obvious differences/improvements.   The newest model EIO JetDirect cards (J4169A 610n card, J7934A/G 620n card) have improved Web-based interfaces where you can access the printer settings remotely.  (For example, you can log in remotely to check the toner and supplies status, reset printer settings, etc.)

See our reference chart below for the various JetDirect options. For more information on how to set up a network printer, including manually programming a JetDirect card, see our Network Printing Tutorial.

Once you've determined which card you need, you can purchase JetDirect cards here.

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Large HP JetDirect cards (MIO cards) - for use in older style HP printers. HP 4, 4Plus, 5, 3si. 4si, 5si, 4V.
HP JetDirect J2550 HP JetDirect J2552, J2552A, J2552B HP JetDirect J4106, J4106A HP JetDirect J2556 HP JetDirect J4100A
Speed: 10BaseT Speed: 10BaseT Speed: 10BaseT Speed: 10/100 BaseTX Speed: 10/100 BaseTX
Small HP JetDirect cards (EIO cards) for use in newer style HP printers. HP 2100-2400, 4000-4350, 5000-5200, 8000-8150, P4015, and others.
HP JetDirect J3110A  (600N) HP JetDirect J3111A (600N) HP JetDirect J3113A (600N)
Speed: 10BaseT Speed: 10BaseT Speed: 10/100BaseTX
HP JetDirect J4169A (610N) HP JetDirect J6057A (615N) HP JetDirect J7934A/G (620N)
Speed: 10/100BaseTX Speed: 10/100BaseTX
NOTE: The 615n card has a high failure rate. NOT recommended.
Speed: 10/100BaseTX