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922 Service Fuser Error Lexmark T640 T642 T644 T650 T652 T654

If you are seeing the '922 Service Fuser' message on your Lexmark T640, T642, T644, T650, T652, or T654 series printer , you probably need to replace the fuser assembly.  This error message indicates the fuser assembly, which bonds the toner to the paper, is failing to maintain the needed temperature.

 A fuser is a consumable part, over the life of the printer you can expect to change a fuser several times.  Fusers are sold as part of the preventative maintenance kit. 

Lexmark rates the life expectancy of a fuser around 150,000 pages, but a fuser can fail much earlier depending on printing conditions, paper jams, and the quality of the fuser installed.

For a temporary fix, you can try turning the printer off and back on again, sometimes the reboot allows the fuser to reset so you can print a few more pages.  Usually the error message returns quickly; in that case you should install a replacement fuser.

Fortunately, replacing fusers on these model is not difficult.  (Remove the back cover, unscrew 2 screws on the fuser, unplug the fuser, and pull the fuser assembly out.)  We have installation instructions available. Call us with any questions toll-free 866-352-7108 or local 608-831-2396.

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