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Paper jam error light and toner error light HP LaserJet P2015

If you're seeing the following light pattern -- a solid paper jam error light and a solid toner error light -- stuck on your HP LaserJet P2015, you probably have a failed formatter board. Unfortunately formatter failure is a common problem on these models as HP had a design flaw in the factory solder for the board.

The good news is the formatter board is not a difficult part to replace. We have installation instructions below.

Also, note there are 2 versions of the formatter board -- one version has an RJ-45 network jack for network model machines (P2015N, P2015DN, P2015X) and one has only the USB jack for non-network models (P2015, P2015D.)

See purchasing options here:  

Network model formatter, purchasing options

Non-network model formatter, purchasing options

For installation instructions: Replacing the Formatter HP LaserJet P2015 P2015D P2015N P2015DN.

If you prefer to consider replacing the printer, we recommend the LaserJet 1320 series or LaserJet 2430 series as good replacements for this model.