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59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet Enterprise Color CP3525DN CP3525DN CM3530 CM3530FS

For a 59.F0 error, the usual culprit is a failing Fuser Drive Assembly ; this assembly drives the fuser and also turns a flag on your transfer belt assembly.

We sell this part.  It is a difficult task to install it, usually a 2-3 hour job.  If you're not comfortable with advanced disassembly, you will be better off hiring a technician to install the part for you or else replacing the printer.  We sell replacement printers for this series, see the last link below.

NOTE: There are 2 versions of the fuser drive assembly, if you have a duplexing machine (CP3525DN , CP3525X , CM3530 , CM3530FS) you need the duplexing fuser drive assembly, if you have a simplex machine (CP3525N) you will need the simplex drive assembly.


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You can test the Fuser Drive Assembly for failure, see the instructions below.

Follow the instructions below to Perform an "ITB Contact Alienation" test:

1.       Open the right side door and remove the transfer belt assembly.

2.       Open the toner access door, and remove the Cyan cartridge.

3.       Refer to the picture which is below, insert a flatblade screwdriver into the little slot on the front, keep that screwdriver inserted while you run the test.  The screwdriver is pressing on a lever inside the opening which simulates the toner access door is closed.

4.       Press the Menu button and use the Down Arrow to find DIAGNOSTICS.  Press OK.

5.       Press the Down arrow until you find COMPONENT TEST, press OK.

6.       Press the Down arrow until you highlight ITB CONTACT / ALIENATION, and press OK.  When you press OK, watch the little white gear pointed to in the attached picture and listen for a clicking noise.  The failure occurs when the gear tries to spin and skips / clicks.  The solution will be to replace the Fuser Drive Assembly, see links above to purchase.