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HP LaserJet 4000 transfer roller installation instructions

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Installing the transfer roller.


NOTE:   We no longer recommend changing the transfer roller and it is no longer included in the maintenance kit.   You can skip this installation step.   With age, the plastic retaining clips on this printer are brittle and easy to break, and you can end up doing more harm than good by trying to replace the transfer roller.  We no longer include the transfer rollers in a maintenance kit; although we have a limited supply available for special order.   If you absolutely must replace the transfer roller, give us a call 866-352-7108 to order and be very careful with this installation! Read this article as a caution.


With the printer facing toward you, open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge.


Special note: be sure to use the blue plastic hook tool as described below to gently remove your transfer roller. The little plastic retaining clips are fragile; and if you break the retaining clips when removing the transfer roller, replacement of the clips is very difficult.

You will find this blue plastic hook included in the box with your new transfer roller. Use the hook to carefully lift the left end of transfer roller up, then slide the transfer roller to the left to remove it from the right collar.

Make sure to remove the transfer roller gently and carefully.

When handling the replacement transfer roller be careful not to touch the black roller surface. Oils from your skin can adversely affect print quality. Some people recommend wearing latex gloves when handling the transfer roller but it isn't necessary if you are careful to only touch the ends. It is unlikely that you would ever notice poor print quality from accidentally touching the transfer roller's surface.

Insert the new transfer roller making sure the black plastic collar at the left end of the roller is oriented with the open end facing down.