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50.1 Fuser Error on HP LaserJet 5000 and 5100 series

If you are seeing a "50.1 Fuser Error" on your HP LaserJet 5000 or 5100 series printer, you probably need to replace the fuser. Fusers are a consumable part and are sold as part of a maintenance kit; it is expected over the life of the printer you will replace the fuser several times. HP estimates average fuser life to last between 100,000 to 150,000 pages; but a fuser can fail much earlier depending on printing conditions, heavy paper jams, and the quality of the fuser installed.

50.1 Fuser error HP LaserJet 5000 5100

For a temporary fix, you can try turning your printer off and back on again. Sometimes the reboot will allow the fuser to reset itself and you can print a few more pages. If the 50.1 Fuser error message returns, it's time to replace your fuser.

Also, on these LaserJet 5000 & 5100 series printers, when the fuser fails with a 50.1 error we recommend you replace the entire maintenance kit including the paper feed components, NOT just the fuser. It is very common on this model to see the rollers & separation pads wear out, even before the fuser fails. Paper won't feed properly, misfeeds can occur, and if paper jams inside the fuser it can damage the sensitive heating element in the fuser. Better to change ALL the maintenance kit parts at the same time as the fuser, than to just install a new fuser and have the new fuser damaged shortly after because of a bad paper jam.

You can order a replacement fuser and maintenance kit here -->

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