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50.2F.00 Fuser Error HP LaserJet M604 M605 M606


If you are experiencing an "50.2F.00 Fuser error", first turn the printer off and back on.  Sometimes the error will temporarily go away with a reboot so you can print a few more pages, but usually the error reappears. The fuser assembly is the component at the back of the printer which heats up and bonds toner to the page.  It is a consumable part and will need to be replaced several times over the life of a typical printer. If you recently moved the printer around or if you recently installed a new fuser, you can try removing the fuser, rotating the gears by hand (it's difficult!), and reseating the fuser to try again. 

If you have NOT recently replaced the fuser or heavily jostled the printer around, then the 50.2F.00 Fuser error indicates you have an actual fuser failure and the fuser needs replacing.  Fusers are a consumable part and they are the main component in a printer maintenance kit; it is expected over the life of the printer you will replace the maintenance kit several times. 

Click here for purchasing options for a replacement maintenance kit, which includes the fuser assembly.

A fuser and the other maintenance kit components can be easily replaced by an end user, without needing a service technician.  Click here for installation instructions. Call us with any questions @ 608-831-2396 or toll-free 866-352-7108.