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Laser printer print defects - Contamination on back

Problem Possible CauseSolution
contamination on back
Contamination inside printer
1. Print at least 10 pages to see if the problem goes away on its own.  2. Print a cleaning page (consult User's Guide/ Service Manual.) 3. Identify and clean the contaminated part, or better yet, replace the contaminated part if replacements are orderable. 4. If contamination continues, check toner cartridge for leaks. Replace cartridge.
compressed print
Print media does not meet printer specifications, or is stored improperly.
1. Print a few more pages to see if the problem corrects itself. 2. Turn over the stack of media in the tray. Also try rotating the media 180 degrees. 3.  If the print media does not meet HP specifications, replace the paper, and advise the customer to use the recommended print media and store it properly.