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Laser printer print defects - Fading print

Problem Possible CauseSolution
fading print
Toner supply is low , failing
Shake the cartridge gently to redistribute the toner, or replace the cartridge
fading print Transfer roller is defective or incorrectly installed.  If the Transfer roller loses conductivity, it cannot effectively pull toner from the drum to the paper Inspect the Transfer Roller for proper installation and contact. If the Transfer Roller is damaged, replace it
fading print Laser mirror is dirty or shutter is not functioning Clean the scanner mirror.  Check the Laser/Scanner shutter door for proper operation. If defective, replace the Laser/Scanner Assembly.
fading print Print density is set incorrectly Change to a darker setting and retry printing
fading print EconoMode is on. (EconoMode saves toner by reducing the dot density. This may appear to be a print quality problem in some cases.) Turn EconoMode off. EconoMode settings are stored in either the printer driver or the job application.