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Laser printer print defects - Toner smear

Problem Possible CauseSolution
Toner smear Failing toner cartridge
Do halfway test to isolate the problem. Replace toner cartridge
Toner smear Fuser assembly has toner buildup, or is failing.
Do halfway test to isolate the problem. Run some more pages to try to clear the toner buildup. If needed, replace fuser
Toner smear Toner spill contamination in the printer 1. Print a few pages to see if the problem corrects itself. Clean the inside of the printer or use the printer's cleaning page.
Toner smear Wrong fuser setting for paper type From the paper-handling menu on the Control Panel, change the fuser mode setting or choose another paper type from the printer driver.
Toner smear Defective DC controller. (DC controller regulates fuser temperature). If a replacement fuser doesn't solve the problem, replace DC controller PCA.
Toner smear Paper type may be unusable (too smooth, too thick, too rough) Try a different paper type