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HP LaserJet 2400 fuser drive gear installation instructions

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Installing the fuser drive gear.

With the fuser removed, look into the printer and locate the main fuser drive gear on the left side of the fuser cavity (gear circled in red below).

Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the gear's release tab and remove the gear by sliding it off its metal bar.

Slide the new gear onto the metal bar--make sure the gear's release tab faces outwards so it will be accessible again--and lock the gear firmly in place.

Now repeat the fuser removal process backwards as you install the New Fuser:

Insert the new fuser and replace the four fuser screws.

Replace the black plastic duplexer inlet guide, making sure both tabs click in place.

Re-plug the single connector on the left side, and the two connectors on the right side.

Replace the wire cover on the right side.

Reinstall the DIMM cover.

Finally, replace the back cover with its screws.